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an entire continent in one country

At the southern tip of Africa, you will find one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The natural diversity of an entire continent can be found in one country; South Africa.


Gorgeous weather, amazing beaches, vast areas with wildlife, breathtaking sceneries, impressive mountain ranges, safari destinations, the big 5, waterfalls and everything in between.


The landscape is different everywhere you go. From the tropical coast of northern Kwazulu-Natal, to the burning heat in the Karoo and Kalahari desert, from the misty heights of the Drakensberg mountain range to the colorful Cape Floral Kingdom. Just to name a few regions.

South Africa is covered with dozens of beautiful natural regions and thousands of natural features waiting to be explored!


cape peninsula


The landscape of South Africa offers the full spectrum of different habitat making them ideal for hundreds of mammal species, including the big 5. Here you will find dozens of antelope species, big cats, wild dogs, bats, rodents and many more.


garden route


With more than 800 different bird species, a high chance of spotting them and the bonus of being surrounded by stunning habitats, South Africa is a prime bird watching destination. The best on the African continent and one of the best in the world.


greater kruger


Just like on land, the waters of South Africa is teeming with incredibly diverse marine life. Sharks, fish, coral reefs, crustaceans, octopus, kelp forests, you name it. South Africa is also one of the finest places worldwide to watch whales and dolphins.

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